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Novus Software Solutions
DUNS: 03134250
Primary NAICS: 541511 Industry: Information Technology
Other NAICS: 518210
Keywords: Data Analytics, Interface, Development
City & State: Calhoun, LA
Region Served: Nationwide
End2End Technical Solutions, Inc.
DUNS: 963801910
Primary NAICS: 541512, 541511 Industry: Information Technology
Other NAICS: 541512, 541511, 541519, 541611, 541618, 541330, 541911, 56...
Keywords: Software Development, Systems Engineering, Program Managem...
Socio Economic: Women-Owned
Certifications Held: WOSB
City & State: Gambrills, MD
Software Engineering Services
DUNS: 803728534
Primary NAICS: 541511 541512 5... Industry: IT Solutions
Other NAICS: 518210 541330 541712 561210
Keywords: Missile Warning Defense ISR IV&V Algorithm Software Develo...
Socio Economic: Service Disabled Veteran
City & State: Vienna, VA
Region Served: CONUS & OCONUS
Project Management
Industry: Project Management
City & State: washington, DC
RAZR Solutions, LLC
Industry: Health and Intel
Socio Economic: Service Disabled Veteran
City & State: Gainesville, VA
Mach1 Security Services Inc
DUNS: 037805339
Primary NAICS: 561612,561621,5... Industry: Security Services
Other NAICS: 561611,621111,621112,622110,541611,541612,541618,611430,61...
Socio Economic: Minority-Owned;Service Disabled Veteran;Veteran
Certifications Held: Minority-Owned
City & State: Mableton, GA
Region Served: Southeast
DUNS: 96-274-48-71
Primary NAICS: 541512 Industry: Information Technology
Other NAICS: 541511, 541519, 541513, 541618, 518210
Keywords: ICAM, Managed Services, cloud, hosting, infrastructure
Socio Economic: Minority-Owned
Certifications Held: Minority-Owned
City & State: Newbury Park, CA
Region Served: National, California

City & State: , VA
SOILTECH Geotechnical Engineering
DUNS: 080361156
Primary NAICS: 541330 Industry: Architecture and Engineer...
Other NAICS: 541380
Keywords: geotechnical, construction materials testing, special insp...
City & State: Tampa, FL
Region Served: State of Florida
City & State: Arlington, VA
EnRep, Inc.
City & State: Orlando, FL
Advocates In Manpower Management, Inc.
DUNS: 026238787
Primary NAICS: 512110,512191, ... Industry: Video/TV production & eng...
Other NAICS: 512191,517410,541430,
Keywords: Video, TV, multi media, Studio
Socio Economic: Minority-Owned;Veteran
Certifications Held: Minority-Owned
City & State: Boca Raton, FL
Region Served: CONUS
JAKS Technology Solutions Inc.
City & State: Carol Stream, IL
Red Arrow Logistics
City & State: Bellevue, WA
Melwood Global Communications, LLC
DUNS: 078581341
Primary NAICS: 541820 Industry: Media relations and strat...
Other NAICS: 541840 541611 541613 541990
Keywords: Media relations, public relations, marketing, crisis commu...
City & State: Bethesda, MD
Region Served: All
Lightning Express Delivery and Dist., Inc.
DUNS: 794550694
Primary NAICS: 492210 Industry: Courier, Messenger Delive...
Other NAICS: 492110 484110
Keywords: Courier, Messenger Delivery Same day On demand Trucking an...
Socio Economic: Women-Owned
Certifications Held: WOSB;Women-Owned
City & State: Baltimore, MD
Region Served: Delmarva and Pa.
NTVI Health and Human Systems
DUNS: 080298929
Primary NAICS: 541612 Industry: Professional Services
Other NAICS: 541690; 541712; 611430; 541519;
Socio Economic: Native American
Certifications Held: 8(a)
City & State: Falls Church, VA
Ottsie, LLC
DUNS: 079305478
Primary NAICS: 236220 Industry: Construction/Not-For-Prof...
Other NAICS: 611430 238210 238990 541613 541618
Keywords: construction, construction supplier, nonprofit, training
Socio Economic: Women-Owned
Certifications Held: WOSB
City & State: Ottawa, IL
Region Served: Midwest
ENX Group, Inc.
DUNS: 146879726
Primary NAICS: 541611 Industry: Professional Services - B...
Other NAICS: 514330; 514614; 541618; 541690; 541512; 541519
City & State: Fairfax, VA
Region Served: National
Avanti Corporation
City & State: Alexandria, VA
Esphera Concepts LLC
DUNS: 005024490
Primary NAICS: 541611 Industry: Government, State, Local ...
Other NAICS: 541219 541512 541513 541613 541614 541618 541720 56...
Socio Economic: Minority-Owned;Veteran
Certifications Held: Minority-Owned
City & State: Albuquerque, NM
Region Served: Southwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic

City & State: , GA
Hudson Fasteners Inc
Industry: Wholesale Distribution
Certifications Held: EDWOSB;Women-Owned
City & State: Canfield, OH

City & State: , MD

City & State: , CO
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