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About Us

The National Association of Small Business Contractors has boldly stepped up to to restore the vibrancy, innovation, profitability and community strength of America's small businesses. 

Meet Our Leaders

Cris Young, President
National Association of Small Business Contractors/Supplier Council

Ms. Young is the Executive Vice President of Hudson Fasteners, Inc. a 60 year old industrial wholesale supplier. Ms. Young has over 20 years experience in procurement and management in corporate and small business environments. She and Hudson Fasteners were awarded the PTAP Small Business of the Year 2004 by the Long Island Development Center.

Terry Williams, CEO

Ms. Williams has many years of experience as a business owner active in government contracting and is a policy expert on small business issues including lending, federal contracting and training.  Read more.

Ms. Dorfman is a respected national leader and expert on small business issues.  She is a Founder and CEO of the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce -- an important Association Partner of The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce.  
Ms. Dorfman brings a decade of leadership in Washington DC with deep relations within federal agencies and congressional leaders.  She builds bridges to opportunity for small business owners.  Ms. Dorfman is frequently called upon to provide testimony on behalf of small business before Congress and to provide insights and viewpoints to journalists on a wide variety of business and economic topics.
We believe Main Street America is desperately in need of business leaders who care about our families and our communities, and who will grow businesses in our neighborhoods restoring economic vibrancy and community vitality. 

We believe, to rebuild America's strength, we must focus on building a climate in which small businesses can thrive. (Read "Viewpoint: The Small Business Imperative.") 

We are committed to leveling the playing field by stopping anti-American business practices, tax havens and tax evasion, greatly increasing access to affordable capital for small businesses, stopping big-corporate give aways and unwarranted privileges, raising the federal mandate for contracting with small businesses from 23% to 50% and putting small business owners at the leadership table in Washington and all across our country. 

The National Association of Small Business Contractors (the small business supplier council of The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce) is taking the message of The Small Business Imperative to Washington DC, bringing together small business champions all across America, fighting for an influential seat at the table of American leadership, fighting for job creation, increased consumer demand, policies and practices that support our businesses, communities and families.  

We are spreading the message to the people to support American small businesses.   We make the case for the value we all secure when we focus a core of our purchasing with America's small businesses.  We represent the true fabric of the American economy.  We care about American jobs, families and communities.  Americans make purchasing decisions every day that aggregate to have dramatic impact on our world.  Helping individuals to understand the link between our purchasing habits and the vitality of our communities will serve to empower Americans to align purchasing choice with positive economic and community outcomes. 

Our History 

The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce is an outgrowth of the National Association of Small Business Contractors -- the nation's leading trade association representing America's small business federal contractors. During these hard economic times, we heard from our members that the work of the NASBC should become more broad -- tackling the heart of small business and economic issues. 

In September 2011, we made the leap to broaden the work of our 501(c)(6) trade association and rename our organization as The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce. The National Association of Small Business Contractors remains a very strong national council within our organization. 

Join Us and Be an Active Leader of the National Small Business Contracting Community

Membership in the National Association of Small Business Contractors (the small business supplier council of The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce) provides many benefits in support of your business growth and retirement planning.  Learn more about membership options and join today.