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Vikki Hawthorne Appointed National Director| Supplier Development 7/21/2015

The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce welcomes Vikki Hawthorne as National Director | Supplier Development to foster the growth of small business suppliers in the government sector.
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American Small Business Chamber of Commerce Launches Agency Connect Network. 3/20/2013

The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce has launched the Agency Connect Network which was designed to broaden small businesses connections to Federal Agencies and Prime Contractors.
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Survey: SBA Proposes Increases to Size Standards for Industry Sectors 51 & 56 11/10/2011

Take a moment to learn more about the SBA proposed increases to the size standards for industry sectors 51 & 56 - and take our survey.
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The American Small Business Chamber™ of Commerce Calls for Passage of The American Jobs Act of 2011 10/11/2011

Washington, DC, October 11, 2011 -- The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce™ ( calls for the immediate passage of The American Jobs Act of 2011 and continued actions to build
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SmartRETIRE 401k: Chamber Small Business Retirement Plan 9/1/2011

Business and Supplier Council Members of The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce are eligible to join SmartRETIRE 401k to save on the costs and administration of a flexible, quality 401(k).
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NASBC Featured in "The Costco Connection" 4/1/2011

The National Association of Small Business Contractors was featured by COSTCO as the leading national trade association in support of small business federal contractors.
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Government Ready™: Certified Federal Government Supplier 1/3/2011

Groundbreaking education and certification program elevates small business contracting opportunities.
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Women's Federal Procurement Program Final Regulations Published 10/8/2010

The SBA finally published the "final rules" for the program -- the federal rules/regulations that will be employed to setup and run the program. And, now we wait another 120 days or so for the imp
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