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American Small Business Chamber of Commerce Launches Agency Connect Network.

Once again American Small Business Chamber of Commerce is teaming with The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce to present the Agency Connect Network.

The Agency Connect Network was designed to advance small business access to opportunities within the federal marketplace. It provides:

  • Education
  • Connections between agencies, primes and small businesses to advance contract access.
  • A forum specific to each agency, including prime contractors, to address issues impacting the federal government and small business programs.

Here is how it works:

Agency Connect Network web meetings are scheduled by agency.  Meeting topics include We ask that the Small Business Director launch their Agency Connect Network with a web presentation that includes an overview of the agency and strategies being taken to ensure small business participation. Next we work with the designated liaison from the agency to set regular meetings that include a featured topic and time for dialogue on strategies and issues specific to your agency to advancing small business access to contracts. We will provide each agency with a USWCC / ASBCC liaison to get news and information to us which will be disseminated to our members. And CEOs Margot Dorfman (USWCC) and Cris Young (ASBCC) will be actively engaged to ensure you are getting what you need.

Here’s how you engage:

  • Register as a member for each agency network with which you have interest in accessing contracts.
  • Attend the Agency Connect Network meetings which are listed at
  • Take the Lead - If you have contracts with your preferred agency and wish to take the lead, join us for the next Agency/Prime Liaison Meeting.

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